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Legal / Collection Services

Commercial Litigation

In addition to the other services described below, Sher & Shabsin, P.C. provides full service commercial litigation representation for our clients. Whether the claim is large or small, we aggressively pursue each case and engage our in-house support staff to locate a debtor’s asset and location information. Fees are typically structured on a contingent fee basis but may be hourly if justified by the individual case.

Collection Litigation

Our law firm files suits in virtually every county in Missouri and Illinois to collect debts ranging from small consumer loans, insufficient funds checks and suits on account to large commercial loans. In handling these cases, we typically work on a contingent fee basis to align our interests with our clients. This effective means of collecting debts can be incorporated as the primary means of collection or as an add-on component to a creditor’s existing collection strategies.


Our attorneys represent secured and unsecured creditors in all phases of bankruptcy work. In handling claims, we file and monitor our clients’ accounts throughout their lifetime, advising our clients of the status of their matters each time there is a pertinent change. Additionally, we represent secured creditors in connection with efforts to obtain relief from the stay and object to unfair or inappropriate treatment.


Our foreclosure department handles conventional, FHA, VA and other foreclosures throughout Missouri and Illinois. To help assure the best possible results, we work closely with title companies in each specific county in both states to identify and eliminate costly title issues that may arise. In addition, our staff of collection professionals work to achieve positive results for our clients in working out resolutions to the underlying debt, when possible avoiding the foreclosure altogether by negotiating and accepting payoff of the underlying debt in lieu thereof.


In most cases where a replevin case is needed, a secured creditor has already attempted to recover possession of its collateral and was unable to complete the task. We can help effect the return of chattel ranging from furniture and electronics to cars, trucks, boats, construction equipment and mobile homes. Our attorneys and legal staff will customize each case in Illinois and Missouri to the specific circumstances that exist, while still working to keep costs to a minimum. We work with our clients throughout the process to make sure that the sheriffs' and repo agents’ efforts are coordinated and the collateral is recovered quickly and smoothly.

Landlord Tenant/Eviction

Our firm represents landlords on a regular basis and provides an efficient and cost effective means for a property management company or owner to regain possession of its property if its tenant has fallen behind in the payment of rent. In Missouri, this process takes approximately six to eight weeks for the average case. Our procedures allow the property manager to retain control over the issues of the case to help ensure the outcome that is desired.