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National Collection Attorney Network

Over the years, we have been asked by our largest clients to establish and maintain a nationwide network of collection attorneys to facilitate the efficient forwarding of a high volume of cases to the specific states where venue may be proper. As such, the Sher & Shabsin attorney network was created.

Our office works to customize a workflow procedure that suits each client and its specific volume of cases. Our technology allows us to integrate new claims directly into our system electronically so that a high volume of claims can be processed quickly and thoroughly. Once new cases are scrubbed for bankruptcies and other obstacles to collection, the cases are expedited and sent to the seasoned collection attorneys for further handling. Naturally, our attorneys and staff monitor each case and can provide our clients with regular status reports to allow for easy tracking of these matters.

To obtain a list of collection attorneys that comprise the Sher & Shabsin National Collection Attorney Network, please contact us at: [email protected].